Why are we doing SportID?

Being mentored means questioning and thinking about a lot of things, I do not usually think about every day. For instance, the question of why we are doing what we are doing? What is the main driving factor of SportID that we all should feel inside of us.

I can think of several reasons of how employee activity is useful for them and for their employers, but the idea of this search is to look deeper than the product itself. The product cannot be a root cause or a driving factor of why we are doing what we are doing. It can only be means for achievement.

If I start peeling of layer after layer I have come to the conclusion that the reason must be to feel joy and fun in life. To enjoy life would be a really nice driving factor and to me, it seems that this might be the main reason for human life as such.

The meaning of life?

A lot of philosophers have been searching for the meaning and I must be honest, I am not very familiar with none of their works. But I am confident, that everyone sees it somewhat differently. I believe for what I have read from some place that for instance Socrates’ meaning was to acquire wisdom as much a possible.

Having said that, wanted to control if I was right and found an answer from Quora which states that I am somewhat right. The article states that: “Thus, for him, life is meaningless if he cannot continue to seek knowledge.“

But maybe I am even more right, since the answer states: “Socrates, according to the Platonic dialogues, believes that in life we should seek eudaimonia as our ultimate end. This refers to a state of well-being, a healthy spirit, or a type of happiness. “

OK, since two great thinkers, me and Sokrates, 🙂 have reached almost the same conclusion independently from each other, let’s come back to joy of life as the main driving factor of everything. Ideally, we would like to enjoy the things we are doing in our personal and professional life. We are even willing to do the hard things and enjoy them as well. Since we a capable of feeling the satisfaction of achievement and can see how personal development helps us to new levels. Even learning new things can be pleasurable experience in the end. Forcing the formation of new circuits in our brains is the most challenging and exhausting for the brain itself and consumes a lot of energy, so it is hard to enjoy it, instead it would be only natural to avoid it. I feel that this “hard learning” is different from curiosity, which is our need to get new knowledge and keep our brains working.

Yes, we can enjoy hard things in our life

Yes, we can enjoy hard work and learning because we can see the meaning. What is the difference in the feelings of the horse that has just plowed a huge field and a farmer behind the horse? A horse is happy because it is over, the man is happy because it is done and he knows why.

So, we can enjoy the work that we are doing if it provides some meaning for us and we know why we are doing it. Yet, human body, which is the only instrument that we have to use to continue the pursuit of our goals and happiness,  is not a machine that’s parts can be changed easily when something breaks down. We need constant maintenance and moving our bodies keeps our blood moving in all parts of the body, providing everything necessary starting from oxygen and fuels to our cells, so we could think and do things efficiently.

Holding steady poses (sitting behind the desk) or repeating the same movement cycles all over again (working with a machinery) does not provide the means for the body to keep good flow of supplements to the cells. Some parts work too much, some parts too little. Add a few extra kilos that we gain by not spending the consumed energy and things will become gradually even worse. If we start having pains in some parts of our body, we start worrying, we will lose focus from what we should be focusing on. We lose the joy from our life.

If we gain extra weight, we start to hate the shape of ourselves in the mirror. We start feeling that just moving our body from point A, where we are, to point B, the place we want to or need to go, starts getting annoyingly heavy. Again, we lose a big part of the joy in our life because of needless worry and dissatisfaction.

We help to keep happy

So how can SportID prevent people from this worry and lose of focus? How can we help to return to the joy of life or not lose it at all? We just need to spread the word why people should keep moving, why they should be active throughout the day and maintain their hearts and blood in good condition. This helps them to be happy in their life. This helps them to push their limits further and not give up or lose focus, which afterwards brings them more satisfaction and joy in their lives. We help the people and their employers by educating them and by providing different worthy tools so they would not lose their joy of life due to unhealthy living habits and could focus and achieve on the things that make them happy.

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